Each Careway Plan brings you a specialised combination of materials, benefits and support for your focused priorities within your pharmacy.

Simply choose the plan that suits the size, scale and focus of your business, and create an even better healthcare experience for your customers and community.

Which Careway Plan is right for me?

Health plan
Retail plan
Business plan
Pharmacy plan
Each plan includes Careway Marketing
A range of marketing materials to promote seasonal conditions and support your Careway Plans
You can enjoy all the benefits of becoming a Careway Partner including:

1 Careway Complete Generics

  • Exclusive access to our Careway Generics Price list, saving you £545 per month*
  • Clear transparent net prices fixed for the month
  • 20 of our best-priced generic products each month

2 AAH Wholesale Customers

  • 25% rebate on the price of your plan, each month your wholesale spend is over £25,000
  • 50% rebate on the price of your plan, each month your wholesale spend is over £30,000

3 Careway Own Brand

  • 5% discount across Careway own label products

4 Betterlife

  • Instant account opening and access to 300+ independent living and wellbeing aids
  • Point of sale, training and catalogues
  • 5% discount across all Betterlife lines

6 Careway Academy

  • Access the elearning platform and training tailored to your plan and the focused priorities within your pharmacy.

7 Exemption from Fuel Surcharge and C1 charges

  • Save £120 on fuel based on £10 at 120p threshold
  • Save £75 per month on C1 charges

8 AAH Supplies

  • 5% off products ordered through AAH Supplies
  • Over 20,000 products across office and dispensary categories

Speak to an Account Manager to find out more about the discounts available


The Healthcare Plan provides you with all the tools and materials you need to identify and manage your customers’ long-term conditions. Build, nurture and develop supportive relationships that help your customers manage their conditions more effectively and you’ll improve customer retention and increase your sales as a result.

Healthy Heart Management

Which includes NHS-approved CardioChek machines, with EQA calibration and regular validation to maintain accuracy


Blood Pressure

Type 2

Medical kit

and Asthma
management service packs

Plus Careway Marketing for free

You’ll receive:

All the right tools to deliver patient service and optimise profits

engage customers

Help to engage customers and maintain their loyalty, especially patients with long-term conditions

comprehensive package

A comprehensive package of consumer-facing services to attract new customers


Regular visits from your Retail Health Executive, keeping you updated about the latest best practices and professional regulations


Help create better outcomes for your patients


Clinical guidance the latest equipment, SOPs and all relevant training delivered in-pharmacy and on-line

Find out more


The changes in funding support have created new challenges for pharmacy. As a pharmacist, you are faced with seeking new ways to supplement your income such as boosting your OTC and incremental sales.

Drawing on our extensive retail experience, our Retail Plan supports you and your pharmacy by providing a better front-of-shop experience for your customers, helping you to attract new customers, increase footfall, and help them to find the right products for their needs.

You’ll receive all the support you need to promote and increase sales, with a strong retail package that includes:


Visits from your own Retail Health Executive, providing on-going advice, regular updates and bespoke staff training


Guidance on managing product categories and effective merchandising to provide you with retail efficiencies

Bespoke expert

Bespoke expert advice on maximising sales space usage, improving customer experience, and increasing sales opportunities through cross-selling


Ready-made promotional programmes that are refreshed every month, with tips on using them to best effect

Category knowledge

Category knowledge focused on seasonal needs, with clear point-of-sale creating a focus in your pharmacy


Plus you get to choose two promotions from the list below, and receive supporting POS materials:


Plus Careway Marketing for free

Case History

A regional group implemented our Complementary Health Planogram and increased sales by over 40% after four weeks*

Profit on Return (POR) from Careway promotions: Only £1 - 22%, Half Price or Better - 23%, Counter Top - 27%**

* Source: Careway data as at 27th June 2017
** Based on reconciled Careway figures from August 2015 to July 2017


As healthcare changes, pharmacies are facing increasing administration tasks, taking them away from spending time with their patients. The Business Plan is specifically designed to support you by reducing your day-to-day admin. It provides a range of solutions that help streamline processes, leaving you free to focus on supporting your customers’ needs.

A comprehensive package of equipment and support for your business that:


Improves your back-office efficiencies and processes, saving you time and money


Streamlines the implementation and analysis of CPPQ

Bnnual CPPQ

Presents your annual CPPQ rating on a certificate and poster, for use to promote your business profile in-store

Healthy Living Pharmacy

Helps you implement your contractual Healthy Living Pharmacy procedures including training and support

Quality Payment Scheme

Help with handling the Quality Payment Scheme

Health Executive

Includes a visit from your Retail Health Executive to ensure you have all the support you need

ser-friendly assets

A suite of user-friendly assets to help you carry out effective Business Health Checks


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) tool kit, to help you meet professional standards through efficient compliance with Dispensary Processes

Plus Careway Marketing for free

Case History

Our CPPQ tools can save a pharmacist an estimated 15-24 hours of administrative work a year *.

* Source: Careway data as at 27th June 2017


If you want to try modules from across all plans, our Pharmacy Plan gives you the flexibility to tailor your own plan to the size, scale and needs of your pharmacy.

You can choose three modules from:


Layout, Space & Range: helping you to maximise your Over The Counter space and sales


CPPQ management: simplifying its implementation and analysis, saving you time and money


Dispensary Processes: ensuring efficient compliance that meets professional standards and saving you time


One of these Healthcare Services


Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes




One of these promotion packs, including a display unit and monthly POS support:


You’ll also receive visits from your own Retail Health Executive to keep you updated at all times.

Find out more information on the modules contained in the Pharmacy Plan

Plus Careway Marketing for free

Case History

Since implementing Careway LSR a key Careway Partner has seen a 36% increase in their OTC performance

* Source: Careway

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