We combine our expertise as a full-line national wholesaler with our knowledge of local communities and the needs of independent pharmacies.

Our specialist knowledge comes from working across the McKesson family in various contexts:

As AAH, the leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions
With a network of 1700 pharmacies nationwide
As Careway, our exclusive consumer brand in first-class pharmacy healthcare
Careway gives your patients and customers the reassurance of tried and trusted products and services, whilst still retaining the local elements of great service.

Careway helps
your pharmacy
to flourish

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, community pharmacy is expected to become even more dynamic, and constantly react and evolve.

We’re ready to help by sharing our experience to support you and your business. We already help thousands of independent pharmacies across the UK to shape community pharmacy and deliver healthcare excellence.

With each Careway Plan, you’ll get access to our economies of scale, pharmacy knowledge, retail experience and efficiencies.

Careway offers you a supportive partnership that frees you to concentrate on providing excellent service and a first-class customer experience:

*Source: Careway data as at 27th June 2017